ETF-Style Tradable
Cryptocurrency Indices
Powered by Defi

No need to pick individual winners - Go long or short entire crypto trends with Durafi’s diversified indices.

Institutional-grade crypto exposure at your fingertips

Introducing DFTs: Tradable Indices for Crypto and Defi Markets

Durafi Fund Tokens (DFTs) are the easiest and most cost-effective way to go long or short diversified indices of crypto market tokens. Our crypto ETF-style products remove the need for you to pick individual winners and losers and make it simple for any investor to get diversified crypto market exposure with the lowest transaction costs and maximum trading freedom.

Short or Long
Leveraged Trades
up to 25x

Diversified Crypto Exposure at a Fraction of the Cost.

Our ETF-style products enable you to take exposure to a diversified basket for cryptocurrencies with the simplicity and low transaction cost of buying or selling a single token.

Diversify Your Crypto Exposure.

Any Way. Your Way.

Bullish on DeFi overall but bearish on CeFi? DuraFi’s got you covered. Have the freedom to hedge your portfolio your way by going long or short on any of our crypto tradable indices.

Up to 25x Buying Power.

Leverage your short or long position in any of our crypto ETF-style products by up to 25x.

Built for Active Trading Strategies.

DuraFi index products trade 24/7 long or short without lockups or other restrictions - giving you dramatically more trading flexibility than buying into traditional crypto funds.

Deep Liquidity Powered by DuraFi’s Hybrid AMM.

Get the best of both worlds with our Virtual AMM and orderbook hybrid exchange.

Durafi Leverages DeFi for Maximum Security.

Durafi is a decentralized exchange whereby you maintain your choice of custody for your assets. This makes our platform inherently more secure from cybersecurity threats than centralized platforms or traditional crypto funds.

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